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BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament)

Today, the use of polypropylene in the textile industry is more common than the other industries, and after polyester, nylon and acrylic, get the fourth place is in terms of production. Texturized polypropylene threads are known as BCF threads. BCF yarns are part of the bulky thread group that is large in size and inflexible. These yarns are used for such products as carpet, woolen yarns, flooring, antimacassar, and other textiles that require high volumes and high covering coefficients.

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FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)

Fully-drawn yarn (FDY), the production process is similar to the POY process, with the exception that it is fully custom-made for the thermal and stretching of the yarn, and is…

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DTY (Teak Texture with Virtual Swirl)

DTY (Draw Texturized Yarn): Texture is characterized by the application of stiffness in the yarn and the creation of air-flow capability when fabricating the fabric, or in general, to an…

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Two For One yarn TFO

Two For One yarn The spinning processes is applied on a wide range of yarns in order to increase the coherence of the filamentary thread, modification of the substrate properties…

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POY (semi-dyed yarn)

POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) yarn refers to a thread that is produced in the form of a semi-textured molecular structure due to its polymer structure, which causes an increase in length…

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