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Yarn BEAM is one of the products of the SIRANG CO-operative company
(The largest producer of various types of polyester and polypropylene threads)
Here you will get familiar about this type of fiber and its production process:


Warp and woof fabrics consist of two types of warp and woof threads.

The warp is fed into the fabric during the weaving process, but the warp should be warped before knitting.

It will be prepared to create orifice and adding woof, by passing through the Lamel, Milmilk and the comb.

This type of yarn is usually high mingle texturized yarn.

In some cases, a texturized(DTY) twisted yarn or FDY twisted yarn is also used as a beam.

BEAM threads , sirang co product


This type of yarn is used in plain knitting and Rachel blanket production.

How to order or sale

If you are willing to order please visit the contact us section of the web site or fill the online ordering form.

For any inquiry of you , we will respond at first speed once received .

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