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FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)

Fully-drawn yarn (FDY), the production process is similar to the POY process, with the exception that it is fully custom-made for the thermal and stretching of the yarn, and is…

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DTY (Teak Texture with Virtual Swirl)

DTY (Draw Texturized Yarn): Texture is characterized by the application of stiffness in the yarn and the creation of air-flow capability when fabricating the fabric, or in general, to an…

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Two For One yarn TFO

Two For One yarn The spinning processes is applied on a wide range of yarns in order to increase the coherence of the filamentary thread, modification of the substrate properties…

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POY (semi-dyed yarn)

POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) yarn refers to a thread that is produced in the form of a semi-textured molecular structure due to its polymer structure, which causes an increase in length…

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